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Growing up Nicole always had a love for fashion design and drawing. When she was 11 her grandmother taught her how to sew, starting off with a simple blouse that she never actually finished because the sewing machine she was using broke thus leaving the poor blouse forever unfinished.


A few years later at the age of 15 due to a collaboration with some fellow martial artists she wound up at her first convention, Anime Expo, in 2006 to participate in a martial arts performance for the half-time show for the Masquerade. Wanting to know more about the character she was asked to portray she began watching the anime BLEACH. The following year she created her first cosplay utilizing those skills Grandma had taught her half a decade ago and fell in love with cosplaying and has kept on challenging herself with new costumes ever since.

In recent years Nicole has taking up freelancing in entertainment production out of Las Vegas, NV. Still specializing in sewn goods and makeup, she also is proficient in prop making and carpentry and has traveled around the US and internationally helping bring live events to life.

Meragon Designs


While the concept of Meragon Designs has existed for quite a while the difficulties of 2020 pushed Nicole to finally bring the brand to fruition. In early summer while renovating the backyard of her home the idea of a coffin shaped lounge chair came to mind and the design started. Currently Nicole and Jason are bringing their creations to life in their own home as a two person team. they are optimistic about the potential of the furniture brand and There is still plenty more exciting offerings to come for this brand in the future.




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